The Start of My Story

Plan a wedding, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

500 days out from my wedding day, I thought I’d start talking to vendors, maybe attend a few bridal shows, and just take this whole wedding planning process nice and slow. 500 days out from my wedding day – that’s roughly 16 months or 1.4 years – and apparently, I am already falling behind.

Funny enough, I don’t really know if I’m 500 days out or not because I don’t even have a date set.

Like every soon-to-be bride, I started with It’s a fantastic site to help you find local vendors, take a quick look at their work and evaluate price ranges. With a press of a button, you can view vendor websites, request quotes or book tours.

My fiancé, Joe, popped the question about eight months ago while we were living in Montana, 2,000 miles away from our family. A few months into the engagement I had everything lined up in my head – the venue, photographer, videographer, florist, you name it. I had messaged vendors through and found my top picks with prices I could afford. I hadn’t booked anything yet because I wanted to meet my vendors in person, thinking I had plenty of time.

We were planning a two-year engagement and even though I was growing impatient, I had us all set up to succeed. Then we abruptly moved back home and my fiancé decided he’d really like to marry me sooner. (Let’s be honest, I wasn’t complaining.) So we moved our wedding date up six months.

I started emailing my ideal vendors. I hadn’t touched base with them in months. With the time that had passed since asking about costs all my vendors’ prices had increased – one videographer upped her price by $1,000! And I better “get going on booking a venue because June 2018 is filling up fast.”

Suddenly, I had nothing. All my initial interactions with these vendors meant nothing.

I was distraught.

But really only for a minute because, “June 2018 is filling up fast” and if I want the wedding I’ve been dreaming about since birth I need to get my wedding planning game face on.

Since I am starting at the very beginning of the wedding planning process, I plan to document my experiences for newly engaged couples who don’t know how to start planning. Hopefully, through my story, you will be able to see where I’ve succeeded and failed miserably. Learn from my experiences so planning for your Big Day is a piece of cake.



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